Seein health focuses on the innovative R&D where the product boosts health pregnancy through the scientific technology and the professional services. The team members are experienced professionals from well-known internet companies and the top universities around the world.

  • Our mission

    At Seein Health, our mission is to enhance the health and quality of life of every person. We believe that knowing your body index is the key to understanding your body better. Using science and advanced technology, we're focused on providing access to accurate and easy-to-understand lab results for anyone looking to transform their health.

  • Our team members

    With over ten years of experience in research and development of health wearable devices, Derek is responsible for production and project management. Derek believes that at-home tests should revolve around what he calls the "3 Es" (Easy, Efficient, Effective). His passion for better health enabled him to design a smarter and more convenient method for weight loss.

    Kevin plays a key role in test kit development and optimization. Moreover, he performs technical laboratory processes, such as molecular cloning, biomarker expression, protein purification, crystallization, and analysis.

    With multidisciplinary R & D experiences, Dr. Gong contributes to designing and synthesizing polymeric materials, ambient energy harvesting, and management in our group.

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